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Power Management System

Power Management System

Project Analysis

The modern technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate. All over the world, electricity is now ubiquitous, even in remote locations. As its use increases, faults in power sources and errors in distribution lines also see a steady rise. The power failure in residential and commercial places has resulted in using backup generators and solar power sources to provide power. However, there are limitations associated with switching between distribution lines, generators, and other power sources. The manual intervention is prone to errors, which may result in damaging these devices. To combat these issues, we have proposed a power management system that can be implemented on a user device to control at least one power utilizing the entity.

It consists of:

  • a transfer switch that can easily switch between power provided through distribution lines and generators
  • a phase switch configured to provide power via one or more sources in case of distribution line and generator failure
  • a user device coupled between the transfer switch and the phase switch. A user device can be a Smartphone, laptop, personal computer, wireless modem, personal digital assistant, etc.

Structure of the proposed system:

  • Main input and output
  • Input and output for generator/solar
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Radiofrequency (antenna), and Bluetooth
  • Manual switch knob cover
  • Facial recognition camera security system
  • Key/magnetic lock security system
  • LCD Display
  • Generator socket
  • Alarm system
  • Rechargeable backup Battery
  • Artificial Intelligence modules
Power Management System analysis Apr’2019 to August’2020
smart transfer switch

Project Result

Project result

With this proposed system, we have employed the user device for power management and source switching. A system like this streamlines the process and makes it automatic, risk-free, and user-friendly.

  • Significant reduction of errors due to manual intervention
  • Efficient usage of available power resources
  • Single source power control
  • Usage through a wide variety of communication devices
Project growth after our work
power management system