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Portable Equipment System

Portable Equipment System

There are multiple smart systems such as Hybrid remote control lawnmowers, water pumping control devices that exist but lack the technologies required to connect to non-smart portable equipment. That is how our innovations stand out. With the key focus on user convenience, we have proposed a portable smart equipment system to revolutionize mundane tasks. An Equipment Smart System applies to a majority of non-smart portable equipment. It presents a universal control system that can be plugged into the majority of non-smart portable equipment. It has multiple component interfaces but the same functionality to suit different types of equipment. Take a look at how it works.

Project Analysis

Our proposed system can be plugged into any generator, water pumps, snow blower, and lawnmower, etc., to make them smart. The overall system converts non-smart portable equipment to a smart system that provides convenience to the users.

The simple system can be installed on a user’s device such as a personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. in the form of an app. Users can operate the device by directly interfacing with the LED display or through the user device app, while Wi-Fi Adapter enables remote operations. It is Alexa compatible and also uses Wi-Fi, Transceiver (RF), GSM, Z-wave, and Bluetooth technology to connect users’ devices.

One of our inventions would be the Automatic Moving Snow Removal Device. This system includes:

  • A moving module, driving a snowblower for movement
  • A working module, including a working motor
  • A snow throwing mechanism is driven by the working motor to collect accumulated snow and throw out of the snow throwing mechanism
  • A control module configured to control system working motor’s rotary speed to cause a speed when the compositions depart from the snow throwing mechanism is not higher than 41 m/s.
Project growth analysis Apr’2016 to Dec’2016

Project Result

Project result

With our proposed system, we have been able to:

  • Monitor smoke, temperature, vibrate, sound, gas gauge, oil gauge sensor
  • Automatically synchronize fuel gate with power off and on
  • Automatically synchronize choke with power on and power off
  • View the environment using the mounted camera
  • Self-generating energy by using a 12V dynamo
  • Report health of equipment
  • Automatically send request (repair, maintenance, fuel) request to registered vendors
  • Schedule power on and/or power off
  • Notify owners when an event happens
  • Link and manage multiple generators using the proposed system in on single user device
  • Use anti-theft functionalities such as self-destruction, GPS tracking and using key lock bolt
  • Resistance to water and extreme weather
  • Play sounds such as warnings and alarm
  • Ability to plugin steering components and remotely navigate the equipment
  • Generate its own energy to power the computing unit

Additional benefits of our proposed system include:<\p>

  • The power switch box detects community power and determines whether to supply generator power or not. When not activated or connected, it will not listen to the switch box
  • In places where homeowners manually switch between power phases, the switch controller can also be used for this purpose to enable phase change on user phones via the app
  • The attachable wheel will provide motion, remote navigation, and steering to equipment such as mowers, snowblowers, etc. and allow equipment to operate within
  • The attachable wheel or robot contains a lift mechanism to enable automatic height adjustment for non-smart portable equipment. It also includes cameras to capture its environment for remote navigation
  •  The LED Display and Adapter control buttons collect input into the system that allows operation without an app/user device
Project growth after our work